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  TRILOGY: Snippets From Three Lives
ISBN: 1-59118-018-X
Format: Microsoft Reader Version 2.0
SRP: $ 4.75 USD
Edition: One
Content Type: Fiction
Author: various
Publisher: 4 Points Press Publishing Company
Pub. date: 12/31/2001
DRM Level: Owner Exclusive
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Age Group: Young Adults to Adults
Subjects: Fiction

Price: $4.75

Fiction, Adventure, The Emigrant, First Flight, A New Beginning

TRILOGY: Snippets From Three Lives   (Contemporary Century)
  • FIRST FLIGHT   (1960 - 2000)
  • A NEW BEGINNING...   (1985)
  • THE EMIGRANT   (1923 - 1989)

    Rico, a successful airlines pilot, tells us about how his father introduces him to flying airplanes and how, at a very young age, he decides to take flying lessons.

    Aldo Enrico Signorelli was born at precisely five in the morning, on June 6, 1944; the exact moment the first allied forces barge hit the Normandy beachhead. He had no way of knowing that forty-one years later he would be on a long, hot, dusty road headed for Las Vegas. He was separated, distraught, and, in his own mind, broke, after twenty-years, of the best marriage anyone could have, so all his friends had said.

    The sun was to his back; it was ten o'clock. In the east he was used to a coffee break right about now. He had been driving since five that morning; he was tired, miserable, and hungry. He was in the middle of the Mojave Desert; it was New Year's Eve, December 31, 1985. He had left Grover's Mill, New Jersey in the dead of winter on the 28th of December; it was Saturday, midnight. He had taken his 1979 Mercedes 500 SL and had left the new 1985 550 SL with his wife. He had taken a minimal amount of clothes; one suit, three pairs of pants, three shirts, two changes of underwear, two pairs of shoes and one coat. He did take all of his jewelry, a large amount of cash -- $10,000, and his talent as an architect. He wasn't worried about taking that much cash; he had left Maralina with her dignity intact, a healthy savings account, a home worth half a million dollars, and four teenagers.

    For Aldo, this was a new beginning….

    On his deathbed, Frank has so little time left to reflect on how and why he has come to the day of his demise. But he can't die just yet he tells himself. There is unfinished business for him. On October 10, 1923, the day he left his small village in Sicily, he had naively made his mother a promise. He had promised her that he would return soon. Of all the promises he had made in his lifetime, he had failed to keep that one promise. Or did he?

    The youth of Italy, a year after Mussolini's entrenchment, were endangered by compulsory conscription into the military, compulsory servitude were Frank's and his father's beliefs, servitude to fascist doctrines, beliefs that were contrary to Sicily's democratic ways. With his father's help, Frank finds refuge in America. He will stay there until Mussolini is overthrown or assassinated, which should be within the year his father promises him. He could return home then to take up his life again but fate has other plans for him. The delay in overthrowing the 'Il Duce' and the catastrophic world events that occur around him and burn deep scars on the souls of its people, force Frank to stay on in America. Poor world economic conditions, the stock market crash, its sounds that reverberate round the world, the great depression that follows it, the entrenchment of fascism in the major European countries, the world war its uprising triggers and the untimely demise of his parents, are all events which would prevent Frank from keeping his promise to his mother.

    But he has a second chance! Or does he? After all of his life's trials and tribulations, could he go back now? With the help of his father, could he recapture that brief, golden time in his life when..?

      FIRST FLIGHT  by  Raymond Villarreal
      ISBN: 1-59118-017-1
      A NEW BEGINNING...  by  Bernadette Franklin
      ISBN: 1-59118-016-3
      THE EMIGRANT  by  Maria Giusto
      ISBN: 1-59118-015-5
    • Chapter 1....The Return of the Emigrant
    • Chapter 2....The Return to Sicily
    • Chapter 3....Exodus From Sicily
    • Chapter 4....The Voyage to America


    Bernadette Franklin
    Maria Giusto
    Raymond Villarreal

    Price: $4.75

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