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The Oedipus Syndrome
Book 1
Blind Intentions - TRILOGY
ISBN: 1-59118-019-8
Format: Microsoft Reader Version 2.0
SRP: $ 17.97 USD
Edition: One
Series: The Oedipus Syndrome
Content Type: Novel
Publisher: 4 Points Press Publishing Company
Pub. date: 12/31/2001
DRM Level: Owner Exclusive
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Age Group: Young Adults to Adults
Subjects: Fiction, Romance

Price: $17.97

Adult Novel, Adventure, Blind Intentions, The Present, An Awakening, A Realization, Fiction, Los Angeles, California, Novel, Oedipus, Raf frataleon, Ramon Antonio Frataleon, Realization, Series Novel, Young Adult

Book 1 - Part 1:  "Blind Intentions" - The Present
  New York City Time: 06/30/1993

Book 1 - Part 2:  "Blind Intentions" - An Awakening
  The Past - 3/1975, Zermatt, Switzerland
  The Present - 6/1993, Los Angeles, California

Book 1 - Part 3:  "Blind Intentions" - A Realization
  The Past - 3/1975, Los Angeles, California
  The Present - 6/1993, Los Angeles, California

SYNOPSIS Book 1 - Part 1:
"Blind Intentions" - The Present

Ramon Antonio Frataleon, Raf, sits at his desk in his office facing a mid-life crisis. As he plans his retirement as CEO of Frataleon, Inc., he questions the make-up and motivations of each family member he had blindly dedicated his love, loyalty and soul to. Through his adult life, as he rescued and rebuilt his family's business, resolved their life crises, he had sacrificed the needs of his heart and soul. While trying to find his answers his younger sister, Nicole, telephones him with news - their mother, the company's sole owner, is near death in a Los Angeles Hospital. Most of his life, spoken between he and his parents, was the promise that the fruits of his labor would always be his with one proviso his mother had forced on him when he was a child; he was to escort her to her final resting place, away from his father, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Without trepidation, he faces this new turning point in his life while en route to Los Angeles in his company's jet.

SYNOPSIS Book 1 - Part 2:
"Blind Intentions" - An Awakening

While traveling between coasts on his company jet to the bedside of his dying mother, Raf lays down for a much-needed rest. His dream take him back to Zermatt, Switzerland, to 1975, one of the happiest yet one of the most tragic times of his life. He revisits a part of his life when, after more than a year of a hard, grueling, non-stop, work schedule, he had anticipated a worry-free two-weeks of relaxation and non-stop skiing. But on a train taking him up to Zermatt Village, he chance encounters a mysterious, precocious young girl whose ways and ideas would have a life-altering effect on him. Through her eyes and her perceptions of everything around her, she causes him to become more self-aware of the place he is at in his own life. Nonetheless, he feels the need to ignore and dismiss her and her family. But because Zermatt is a small village and they coincidentally stay at the same hotel he does, he finds that hard to do. But fate intervenes and solves that problem for him.

SYNOPSIS Book 1 - Part 3:
"Blind Intentions" - A Realization

June 1993. The company jet arrives in Los Angeles at midnight. Raf's mother has not yet expired but he fears that he may still not be in time to beat her Mayan god of death, Charmer, to her bedside. The heavy June fog of Los Angels slows his limousine to almost a walking pace. During his agonizing trip to the hospital, he reflects on the history of his family's second major crisis, in 1975, and its aftermath. Alone then, he had faced the devastation of his father's grave illness and the burdening life-altering family obligations that went with it, the likes of which he had never expected nor wanted.

Presently arriving at the hospital, he is on time to bid his mother farewell. Lulled into a stupor while sitting vigil at her deathbed, Raf recalls a better place, a better time in his life, his childhood where and when his world, like an age-old, immovable redwood tree seemed to be anchored on hard, unshakable ground and could never be uprooted.

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    Book 1 - Part 1:  "Blind Intentions" - The Present

  • Chapter  1....Yielding to the Future
  • Chapter  2....Musings of the Past
  • Chapter  3....Reflections
  • Chapter  4....Portraits
  • Chapter  5....The Phone Call
  • Chapter  6....Flight into the Past

    Book 1 - Part 2:  "Blind Intentions" - An Awakening

  • Chapter  7....Zermatt Revisited
  • Chapter  8....A Surprise Meeting
  • Chapter  9....The Gods Are Good
  • Chapter 10....Friends Are Made With God
  • Chapter 11....The Gods Cry

    Book 1 - Part 3:  "Blind Intentions" - A Realization

  • Chapter 12....1975: A Sad Homecoming
  • Chapter 13....The Old CEO
  • Chapter 14....The New CEO
  • Chapter 15....The Sins Of The Father
  • Chapter 16....Nicole: Age of Innocence
  • Chapter 17....Confrontation
Prologue - Story Summary

Chapter 1 - Yielding to the Future [Excerpt 1a]

Chapter 1 - Yielding to the Future [Excerpt 1b]

Chapter 1 - Yielding to the Future [Excerpt 1c]

Chapter 7 - Zermatt Revisited [Excerpt]

Chapter 12 - 1975: A Sad Homecoming [Excerpt]

Maria Giusto

Price: $17.97

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