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4 Points Press Publishing Company is located in Los Angeles, California. The 4 Points Press Publishing Company e-commerce website at http://www.4pointspress.com/ was launched in December, 2000. The initial business focus had been concentrated in the production, internet marketing and selling of eBooks by independant authors. In addition to our retail eBook sales we have diversified our service offerings. We sell and auction merchandise such as gourmet desserts, gift baskets, art, and collections for the home and garden just to name a few. We also provide internet / computer tutoring and support for individuals and groups.

News and Updates

The Readers & Writers Resource Center - ( formerly known on the 4pointspress.com website as The Reading Room ) is presently being re-designed by our technical staff. We have not put out the "under construction" signs so please be patient if you encounter any problems accessing this portion of our website. We plan to incorporate information and features that will provide authors AND readers more services, tools and instructions related to all things "Read", "Written" and digitized. So please "pardon our dust" while we are remodeling this area of our website.

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We SELL and AUCTION a unique blend of products in our online store The MarketPlace and in our eBay store Clearing House R Us. Shop for eBooks, Gifts, Biscotti, Gourmet Food, Garden Accents, Home Decor, Incense Bottle Burners, Motorcycle Parts, Automotive Tools, Real Estate and more.

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Our eBay AUCTIONS and SALES are coordinated, setup and handled by members of 4PointsPress.com.

eBay ID: BudgetGenie
Click Here to Visit my ABOUT ME page! Sells and Auctions merchandise independant of our eBay Store.

eBay ID: Miamici
Click Here to Visit my ABOUT ME page! Sells and Auctions merchandise in our eBay Store Clearing House R Us.

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SquareTrade means Trust! In the world of online business, buying from a service provider you don't know and can't see can be a scary thing. Being a Square Trade member we are committed to provide fair and prompt customer service.

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A note on the PayPal Verified Seal Verified Member of PayPal Click Here to read what it means to be PayPal Verified.  We included this link because we know that some people are a little hesitant when making credit card purchases over the Internet, and might not know too much about PayPal.  We took a screenshot of the "Verified Status Description" because (believe it or not!), PayPal wants you to create an account, and log in JUST to read it!   Seems silly to us!  You deserve to know as much about us before you create an account, not after.


Permission is required to reprint articles from 4PointsPress.com. Appropriate credit must be given. Articles must be reprinted in their entirety. We generally do not charge for academic or other uses by educational and other nonprofit organizations. A fee may be charged for commercial reprints. For more information on our reprints, please send an email request to permission@4pointspress.com   and we will respond shortly. Need more information? Read our [ Permission Guidelines ]

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You may include a 4PointsPress.com article for your school project so long as the 4 Points Press Publishing Company's copyright clause (set forth below) accompanies the article.

Our copyright clause is as follows:
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Background History

In November of 2000, 4pointspress.com along with the new milennium opened its publishing and website doors. We are a publishing company in web design, development, hosting, e-publishing of our own publications as well as promoters and publishers for up and coming authors in all genres.

Featuring E-Books; E-Novellas; E-ShortStories; E-Travelogs; E-Newsletter, Our website provides for fast, easy ordering and offers many methods of payment. Our titles list features fiction and non-fiction in all genres along with publisher and reader reviews, sample chapters, author bios and title statistics. Our guest pastry site in the E-Baker's Corner is Giusto's Biscotti and our featured artisans are Peter of Arts Inc. and Mary Giusto of Painters R' Us.

How It All Began

It all began on a very warm winter's day, by Southern California standards, on January 28, 1999. My grandson, Austin, we call him Tino, needed extra tutoring in Global History in order to pass it for the current semester. He was a borderline 'D' and needed a 'C' to pass. Since I was an avid history buff, he came to stay with me for two weeks to help him 'cram' the subject into his brain. It became apparent the first day that he needed quiet study time after each verbal lesson. That gave me 'dead' time on my hands; about six hundred years worth -- from 1000 BC, the end of the building of the Egyptian pyramids, the fall of the Macedonians and into the rise of the Greek culture in 400 BC.

I started to jot down notes of mental pictures, while he studied, from the history lesson. All kinds of images were dancing around in my head like they used to when I was his age. I could never draw form pictures perse, as my mother could, but I always did know how to make 'word pictures'. One word picture led to another and there I was, at the end of our first day -- hooked again.

At the end of two weeks, Tino had a notebook full of dry, ancient history notes and I had a notebook full of 'word pictures'. He got a mid 'C' in Global History and I got, first from my son-in-law, "Why don't we ---",   then from my daughter, "Yes! And I can do the graphics---",  and last from my husband, "Go for it!"